Cabin Crew Interview Demo


Cabin Crew Interview Demo from Flightdeck Consultings latest online product. Cabin Crew Job and Interview training and coaching to help you achieve the airline job of your dreams. Asking over 300 specific job interview questions including behavioural questions.


  1. @wigglewash Hi, I'm 18 and I've just finsihed high school. I've never actually had a job before, but I'd love to be part of the cabin crew. Will I have a small chance of getting the job even if I have a good interview?

  2. excuse me but the girls on the video aren´t very pleasent, it looks like they are mad or something!. If i go to an interview and they treat me like this, i just walk out of the room inmediately.

  3. so… what am i paying $29 for? so i can see what questions they might ask me? or are they giving me posible answers too.. like coaching

    can someone help me with an answer? thanks

  4. Hey folks this is BULLSHIT, trust me, this is not true, in real assessment day supervisors are really kind and agreeable,. Just don't worry, be yourself and honest, and everything will be allright. 🙂