How to Change Careers: 5 Tips from a Career Advisor


Pondering a job or career change? Linda Spencer, the assistant director and coordinator of career advising at Harvard Extension School, provides thoughtful insight to help you make the transition.

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  1. I completely agree with everything Linda says.  I am still not sure what the next thing is for me, but I my plan is to first take free online classes to narrow down what I like.  Then I'll start taking paid online classes to further explore those areas.  Once I have narrowed down to where I am sure of the topics that interest me, I can then investigate schools/certifications/continuing ed, etc.

  2. Why do these people sound so darn canned. "Look into the mirror" "it's important for you to highlight your skills" "you are going to find out there are some missing pieces" "what is going to get you up" "you want to have an action plan with goals" BORING! Not my Mother.  Make it a little more engaging not lecture. Easier said than done …have these people experienced this, not thinking so. I am sure she a smart and nice lady – just saying.

  3. Year ago I used to spend hours watching dry and formal videos like this then I stumbled upon the "Year you get your dream job" seminar. I can't be more thankful for Scott Dinsmore & Ryan Niessen for changing my career and my life in general! Seminar was little pricey but well worth it!