Interview question – Tell Me About A Time When You Handled A Difficult Situation (With Examples)


Behavioural Interview question – Tell Me About A Time When You Handled A Difficult Situation. (With Examples).


Ever been stumped by those behavioral or situational interview questions?
If you have ever been in an interview and you get put on the spot with this question – this video is for you. It is important to have your best stories ready to tell in an interview. Drawing a blank and having nothing to say is not an option. More than one “can we come back to that question” is too many. Having a toolbox of interesting and entertaining short stories about who you are and your unique experiences is one of the best things you can do to stand out in an interview situation. Not many people do this. This is a situation where you don’t have to be WAY better than anyone else, you just need to be a little bit better to stand out. I show you how.

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Natalie Fisher
Strategic Interview & Job Search Coach AKA: Career Life Guard


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  1. Storytelling is a crafty way of getting an applicant to tell how they truly behave at the workplace. Keeping the story short is a task; nerves can make a person ramble. The backup story never fails. I think of storytelling in an interview as answering the question within the story instead of just recounting an event.

  2. I feel this is a very important question where we all fail in most our interviews, but after watching this video the question is simple as that! Very confident to answer any questions what you brought into account Natalie

  3. This is where I mostly failed in my past interviews. I tend to get nervous and can't think of answers when asked like this. I get stressed out. But there was one interview that I had to memorize and practice my answer and it looks me confident.

  4. Instead of rambling on, using Backup stories in this kind of interview question is a very brilliant idea! And always be specific in answering this question for you to be remembered, like you suggested. Awesome tips from you Natalie! 😊

  5. Back up stories is a very awesome tip! Love the idea of being prepared with back up stories instead of rambling on. By simply having back ups, things will go smoothly the way we want our answers to be. Confidence is the key to it, take time to prepare to deliver it right, its important to know what we are saying to the interviewer. And as you've suggested, being specific is a must because that is how we are giving impact in answering this kind of question and also we will be remembered so easily in answering it right.

  6. Hi Natalie, I just subbed! I have a double major in business administration and human resources management. I am having such a hard time trying to break into the HR field. I am terrible with interviews and I am so frustrated. Maybe we could Skype and you can help me practice the art of being in an interview successfully? Thank you.

  7. In times of difficulty in the office, I always think about how I can solve it in the most efficient and effective way I know – and that is to ask for help.

    Will this answer help me in my interview?

  8. Thank you SO much for this video! There are a vast amount of videos on this questions but NO-ONE has been able to actually answer it. Appreciate the examples. I feel so much more confident about this question now.