Walk Me Through Your Resume: Best Way to Respond


Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he discusses walk me through your resume: best way to respond!


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Sad for them, but you should be doing back flips!

It is probably one of the dumbest ways for a job interviewer to open up the interview, but it is one of the best things that could possibly happen to you.

Do’s, Don’ts, Always, and Never-Evers…

Before we get into the “here’s how,” some do’s and don’ts.

1] Look at the job description and determine what areas or activities or accomplishments in your resume most closely align and best suit you to do that role effectively.

2] The second “do” is make sure you bring a copy of your resume to the job interview.

3] You also want to make sure before you start you know what direction to go. Ask them.

4] Don’t read them what’s on the resume. Don’t look at your resume and start reading. You’ll be very dry.

5] Don’t [just] talk about the activities you have on the resume.

Here’s how to roll…

For less relevant areas, go quickly.

For home run areas, take your time, provide context, and so on. (Check the Career Achievements Journal for the exact content and info.)

I know what you’re thinking…

You might be thinking, “Andy, I could go on for an hour talking about myself, my resume.”


There’s ways after you hit each major area in your resume, just take a pause, look over to the interviewer and just say, “Is that enough there? Did you have anymore questions about that? Did you want to discuss that any further? How am I doing? Should I go onto the next point?” Just do what you need to do to give yourself a quick break.

You get to tell them what you want to tell them, not what they want to ask you. That’s the wonderful thing about getting asked that question early in the interview.


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I’m happy to share other people’s work on the tell me about yourself question. This is not an endorsement of their techniques, but simply alternate viewpoints.


  1. I recently graduated and am looking for my first job in my degree field. Your videos have helped me feel so much more confident in the job hunting process and less nervous about going into interviews. Thanks for all the helpful content!